Welcome to MSmac BBS(R)

   Breaf history:

MSmac BBS was one of the first BBS's in Portugal (before the buumm of internet in europe), and until 1997 we were the oficial dealers of PCBoard software for Portugal and Portuguese-speaking countries. Like many other companies, after the release of version 15.0, we developed PPL software like the "Upload processor", "Download Resume", "Organizer", "Whocall", and many other tools.
After Clark Development Company went bankrupt in July 1997, we ended the PCBoard support in the same year and all our services in 1999.
After 15 years offline, we are back with the same team!.. Why? just for fun and nostalgia :)

Sysop - Luis Silva
CoSysop - Pedro Chaves
Adviser - Marco Pinto
IT - Luis Nogueira

Special Thank You
All of this are possible with the very important contributs of:
David Terry, Miguel Vitorino, Jose Camara, Mario Pozzeti, Rob Swindell and many more
All items in the MSmac BBS are offered “at no cost”.
If you enjoy it, please consider making a donation toward the continued support
and future development of this BBS and the development of PPE's.

Your contribution is greatly appreciated!
To connect to this public board system you will need to:
  • download a telnet client (telnet or connect with the java applet bellow
  • or dial-up to +351 261401918 for support email to:

  • Free telnet client for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and Machintosh
    (supports Zmodem/Ymodem file transfer)
    Set the BBS name to:
    The port must be set to 23